Check your tyres every 5,000km or so and make sure they have sufficient
tread depth and pressure. Pop by any of our outlets to get your tyres
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Go-Kart Tyres

Slick tyre has smooth tread and used mostly in auto racing. It is highly-recommended to use slick tyres if you are running your go-kart in dry condition.

Car Tyres


The tyre tread has the same pattern across the whole tyre. This type of tyre is common and suitable for non-high-performance passenger cars. Quiet and long-lasting.  



Commonly found on sports cars, this type of tyre is a hybrid– it combines a variety of tread patterns for maximum grip on both wet and dry roads.


Multi Directional

The most common tyre pattern type is the multi-directional pattern which is not sensitive to orientation with regards to a fitting position on the vehicle. The tyre performance is equal regardless of the direction of rotation.

Run-Flat Tyres

You can still drive on for quite a distance even after a puncture with run-flat tyres. The tyres also prevent the car from swerving dangerously when the tyres have lesser air pressure than recommended, especially when you’re travelling at higher than usual speeds.

4X4 Tyres

It has very rugged tread pattern and sharp design. Very versatile as it can perform equally well on-road and off-road.

Van Tyres

Truck Tyres

Agriculture & Industrial Tyres

(i.e. wheel loader, forklift truck, tractor etc.)